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Heard of JSON Patching?

8th April, 20202 min read

Have you heard about JSON Patch?The first time I came across this "dude" was in an interview, and it took me hours to actually understand why I'd ever want to be needing this for. Turned out to be something important.Its brother, HTTP PATCH request…

Docker Simplified I

26th December, 20194 min read

In this article, we will be looking at Docker Simplified I: Introduction. What the hell is Docker? Why Docker? Docker Components. Docker Tools. Introduction Yes! Docker is one of the best things that has…

Is var dead in JavaScript?

16th September, 20192 min read

I know you hate JavaScript, but yeah, just read this article.One of the hot topics/arguments in the JavaScript community for over a while has been on the issue of let and const vs the var keywords. But, you know, all of these is just centered on…

That Computer Science Degree

2nd June, 20193 min read

Hey! Great you are here, I really need to talk about something right now which is this whole idea of having a degree. I mean, a degree in Computer science major. But, I couldn’t. So I had to write..A lot of people tend to ponder on what a Computer…

Simple Difference between a Library and a Framework

26th September, 20182 min read

Most guys I actually came across in tech ignorantly misunderstood/misused the word Library and Framework. I mean, in this 21st century life of programming, you should know that.Hey tech dude, it’s a library not a framework, okay?Well, since you’re…